How long will it take to get my supply order?
Supply orders ship in 24-48 hours and most of our customers receive their orders within one business day by UPS ground.
What is your loaner policy?
To benefit our customers and reduce their downtime, we invest in and maintain an inventory of most of the instruments we sell. These instruments are offered free to our customers if their instruments are taken out of service for repairs. We only ask that you pay for shipping of the instrument.
If I need a loaner, how long will it take to get it?
In most instances, you will receive your loaner instrument the next business day.
What supplies do you carry?
We sell and maintain supplies for all of the instruments we carry....
How do I order supplies?
We make it easy for you by offering supplies for sale on our website. You may also call us at 513-891-0868; fax us at 513-891-1262; or email us at
How are supply payments handled?
For our customers that have an account set up, we are happy to invoice you. All others may pay with a credit card at the time of order.