Company History:

Originally known as Foster Hearing Centers, Stan Foster started the company in the 1940’s. In the early 1980’s our name was changed to Foster Special Instruments when we began selling audiometric instruments to the Occupational Health industry. The hearing centers were later sold off and the company began adding additional instruments to our product offering.  Now with over 70 years in business, we are proud to represent the leading instruments in the Occupational and Safety industries.

These instruments include:

  • Benson Medical Instruments state-of-the-art audiometers and spirometers
  • CMI, Inc Intoxilyzer brand of breath alcohol testers
  • Depisteo’s one of a kind computer controlled VT1 vision tester
  • OHD, Inc. gold standard for respirator fit testing Quantifit
  • Most recently we added Physio Controls market leading AED’s

Although we sell and service Occupational Health and Safety screening instruments, our number one focus is being a resource for our customers.  Our customers know that they can call us at any time and talk with a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful representative.  We are proud of our company and proud of our customers!