Intoxilyzer 400PA


The Intoxilyzer® 400PA is fully automatic, highly accurate and simple to operate. Test results can be printed or, with optional software packages, the 400PA can be connected to a PC for data download or for conducting tests with full data entry capability.

The Intoxilyzer® 400PA operates in up to three modes—Precursory, Analyze, or Precursory/Analyze. If the optional printer is attached, results are automatically printed in the Analyze mode. Precursory mode allows for mass screening of subjects without the need for disposable mouthpieces. Analyze mode requires the use of a disposable mouthpiece, and gives an exact reading of the breath alcohol concentration. In the third mode, Precursory/Analyze, if the precursory test is above a preset limit, the instrument automatically enters the Analyze mode for a precise reading. The 400 PA is also available in “Pass, Warn, Fail” mode, and can be configured at the factory to the customer’s specific requirements—the 400PA lets you design your instrument to meet your needs.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs


  • Fully automatic breath sampling system
  • Data storage of more than 500 tests
  • RS-232 communications port for printing and/or downloading of test results
  • Automated calibration
  • DOT/NHTSA approved
  • Visual and audible prompts lead the operator through the testing and calibration modes
  • Factory configurable to meet a wide range of needs